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Petra Wurzinger

Hello, my name is Petra Wurzinger. Thank you for visiting my store, Petra Home Collection. Located in the beautiful Baden Wurttemberg region of Germany, Petra Home Collection features furniture and decor for every room in your home. We provide fully customizable solid wood furniture made in Europe from sustainable resources and quality upholstery from the finest fabrics and textiles. I look forward to helping you create a welcoming home atmosphere that is natural, livable, and uniquely yours.

After a nearly thirty year career in finance, I knew it was time to focus on a new challenge and decided to open my own business. I choose an area which had always brought me a great sense of satisfaction and joy--creating a home, which is both practical and beautiful. I am inspired by the French Country style, which has a warm and casual feel. In 2013, I attended a market in Cologne where I discovered the most beautiful furniture I had ever seen. Produced by a wholesale factory in Romania, they offer beautiful solid wood pieces, which you can customize in so many different materials, styles, and colors. I placed an order for a dining room set and hutch, which I am still using to this day. I knew others would also love the furniture and the ability to choose pieces exactly to their own tastes and needs. So it is with this quality furniture that I decided to center my own retail business around, along with carefully selected, complimentary decor pieces found throughout Europe. 

I started my business part time on eBay, where I still have a presence. Then I converted part of my home into a showroom, began participating in local markets and fairs, and established a presence on the American military base in Boblingen. Then after several years of juggling two jobs, it was time to make a decision. With the support of my family and friends, I was ready to fully concentrate on this business which was bringing me so much joy and satisfaction. Petra Home Collection was officially launched in December 2019 with its own website and fully stocked showroom. 

Petra Home Collection focuses on quality furniture and decor pieces which are made to last from natural materials with lots of contrasting texture and color. The furniture can be made of oak, pine, beech, light, dark-colored, or even painted, stenciled, and distressed. Sofas and chairs are deep-seated and comfortable. Fabrics are plentiful and colors can range from vibrant to muted depending on individual tastes, all with the aim of making a room appear cozy and inviting. Tables, buffets, side boards, bookshelves, and hutches throughout the home show off treasured items, both new and nostalgic. Vintage-styled furnishings, such as chandeliers, clocks, maps, and frames each come with a story, adding to the atmosphere of a room. 

This is more than just a business to me. I want to leave positive footprints in the hearts of my customers. Home furnishings are personal. The chance to help others achieve a living space which is cozy and comfortable and perfectly suits their individual taste and expectations inspires me every day. In return, my customers offer me new opportunities to broaden my own experience when they share me with about their life, their circumstances, their traditions, and what kind of home they want to create. Some of my international customers have been travelling and living abroad for years, and I find it so rewarding to learn from them. I love to think that my pieces, large or small, become part of their home, life, and experience.

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